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Chamber Mission

The purpose of the Carmichaels Area Chamber of Commerce is to promote and advance the interests of the Carmichaels Area business community. This goal will be accomplished by coordinating the efforts of commerce, industry and professionals to maintain and strengthen the business climate in the Carmichaels Area. Existing businesses will be encouraged to grow through local support, and assistance will be given to new businesses to relocate to the Carmichaels Area.

The Chamber will also provide opportunities for business development through education programs at the request of its members, facilitate groups of interested parties in solving community problems and sponsor activities which will continue to improve or expand the general quality of life in the Carmichaels Area.

Chamber Goals:

  • To Encourage Tourism
  • To Stimulate Economic Growth
  • To encourage Local Interest to Participate in the Carmichaels Chamber.

Chamber Officers

  • President - Charles Walker
  • Vice President - John Brodak
  • Treasurer - Sandy Bruce
  • Secretary - Pam Whyel